Books to open your heart and mind

Wild Books creates mindful experiences, inspiring our community to read more and find a deeper connection with life. 

Through our gift shop and monthly subscriptions, you will receive second-hand books and scented candles inspired by the settings of novels. The Wild Books products offer you a moment to quieten your mind and enjoy a purposeful and connected reading experience.

Over time, these peaceful moments will bring an unmistakable lightness and joy to your life.

Wild Books means

The Candles

The power of a scent to vividly transport our minds across place and time is well known. As you light your Wild Books candle, inspired by the locations of books, your senses are activated and your space acquires a calming, restorative atmosphere.

Beautiful within any part of your home, Wild Books candles represent a tranquil moment, waiting to be enjoyed with the strike of a match.

Every candle is vegan and cruelty free, made with high quality soy wax and delightful fragrance oils.

The Books

“Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” – Virginia Woolf

Wild Books gift sets and monthly subscriptions contain beautiful second hand books; found hiding in charity shops, rescued from old collections, or passed on by friends. Finding new homes for books in great condition is kind to the planet, but also carries its own intrinsic joy; the joy of sharing something special, of being the latest link in a very delicate chain.

Programme Curation

The books chosen for our shop and book subscriptions often spring up through conversations with our dedicated community of readers. Books offer an opportunity to learn about the vastness of the human experience, and the Wild Books programme is curated to include a dynamic range of authors, genres and styles.

We encourage readers to read outside of their comfort zone and grow personally by learning through all voices.

Our Story

Founded by Thalia in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, Wild Books started with the simple mission of providing escapism for people, within their own homes, by transporting them more consciously into the world of books.

At the time, Thalia was running a West End theatre, and felt pulled to create a space of discovery to help people get out of their heads and take a break from their anxieties and stresses.

Our Purpose

Wild Books is here to inspire people to read more by creating mindful experiences. Thalia is an advocate for the power of reading and her mission is to help others find that connection too.

The drive for creating her own business comes from Thalia’s strong personal values which are the foundation for Wild Books. Creating an accessible customer experience is key, and the planet is at the heart of everything we do. Having suffered with mental health illness, Thalia inspires you to take an active role in looking after your mental health, through taking time for yourself and human connection.

Around the World

To further allow our community to grow across the globe, Wild Books offers an accessible online membership, subscription offers and an online gift shop. 

If Wild Books sounds like its for you, or you know someone who would love to receive a gift from Wild Books then sign up for the email list and come and join us on instagram @wildbooksco

Love Thalia

Founder, Wild Books

I have been subscribed to the Wild Books book and candle subscription for several months now and it’s still the best present I got myself... I look forward to it every month.
— Magdalena
I have enjoyed setting aside time for my book and candle so much that I have bought them for my very busy friends! Add in a warm bath and it’s heaven.
— Maria
Thalia doesn't just do another Book and Candle subscription - she does a complete lifestyle movement with equality and well-being at the very centre.
— Ruthie
Everything from the packaging to the presentation of the candles is beautiful and knowing it’s all sustainable makes it even better.
— Emma
The Wild Books candles are so amazing! The smells are brilliant and I love the story behind them and how it ties in with the book. It really does transport you to another place.
— Joanne