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Wild Books creates mindful experiences, inspiring our community
to read more and find a deeper connection with life.

Books to Open Your Heart and Mind

Through our gift shop and monthly subscriptions, you will receive second-hand books and scented candles inspired by the settings of novels. The Wild Books products offer you a moment to quieten your mind and enjoy a purposeful and connected reading experience.

What they say
I have been subscribed to the Wild Books book and candle subscription for several months now and it’s still the best present I got myself... I look forward to it every month.
— Magdalena
I have enjoyed setting aside time for my book and candle so much that I have bought them for my very busy friends! Add in a warm bath and it’s heaven.
— Maria
Thalia doesn't just do another Book and Candle subscription - she does a complete lifestyle movement with equality and well-being at the very centre.
— Ruthie
Everything from the packaging to the presentation of the candles is beautiful and knowing it’s all sustainable makes it even better.
— Emma
The Wild Books candles are so amazing! The smells are brilliant and I love the story behind them and how it ties in with the book. It really does transport you to another place.
— Joanne

Our Purpose

Founded by Thalia in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, Wild Books started with the simple mission of providing escapism for people, within their own homes, by transporting them more consciously into the world of books.

Wild Books is here to inspire people to read more by creating mindful experiences. Thalia is an advocate for the power of reading and her mission is to help others find that connection too.